Intel Meltdown

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Major security flaw discovered.

A major security flaw has been discovered in Intel CPUs. This affects 80% of all computers purchased in the past 12 years!
And this includes Apple Mac computers.

Don’t Panic

There is already a solution to solve this problem. And this email will serve as a guide to fix this problem.

Please attempt the following steps to remedy the situation.

If you are having any difficulty, or have any questions feel free to get in contact with us:

Solution. Part 1.

Windows has released an update to address this problem. Please check to see if you are running the latest version of windows, with the following patch installed.
Windows 10 – ┬áKB4056892
Windows 8.1 – No patch yet. Microsoft will release soon
Windows 7 – KB4056894

If you are not running the latest, safe, version of Windows. Please run Windows Update to force this update, or Contact Us and we can help:

Solution. Part 2.

Antivirus programs will need to be made compatible with this new version of Windows.

And as such, this Windows patch will not install until your antivirus program has been updated by its creator.

To our customers using Webroot:
A patch (v9.0.19) is due next week which will be compatible


Mac OS users will also need to update their computers to the latest version available. (macOS 10.13.2)


Need help?

If you want to make sure your computers are secured properly, Simple IT is here.

We are happy to install these updates for you, including bringing you computers back to our office to use our internet if internet speed or data-caps are a problem for you.

Contact Us.


More Information

The Good.

There are no known exploits of this security bug and there is already a fix in place.
So your security will not be compromised if you install updates.

The Bad.
This update may slow down your computer. We don’t know by how much, or if it will even be noticed.
This is the only way to circumvent the issue is to alter part of your operating system that will slightly slow it down.
Unfortunate, but better than the alternate.

The Details.
This bug effects your computers ‘Kernel’ allowing malicious software to take almost full control of your system without your knowledge.
This includes viewing your passwords, keys, and other secrets.

Intel has kept very secret about the exact details of this bug, to stop hackers from exploiting it.
So as long as you update your computers before the end of this month, when this information is due to go public, you will be safe.


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